Everybody admires a beautiful lawn or garden, but it takes a lot of work to keep them in pristine condition.  Overgrown weeds which can make your surroundings appear unsightly.

A good weed eater will help keep our landscape well-manicured and at manageable levels through the seasons.  They are available in varieties such as electric, gas powered or cordless.

It’s relatively easy to assemble most weed eaters since the components are packaged separately.

Launching Out

Before you start to check your parts, first, read your manual for assembly instructions. Make sure that the required components are included. Missing parts will mean your weed eater will not perform effectively.

Your next step is to unpack each part and line them up in order of assembly. Some weed eaters may need additional tools to connect the components together.

Typical tools may include a screwdriver, scissors or spanner.

Crank the Shaft

First, locate is the shaft. An easy guide is to look for the part that tilts towards you at an almost 45-degree angle. It may be attached to the motor or the head of the weed eater.  Place the shaft to the head or motor of the machine. Insert the screws and secure them firmly in place.

Get A Grip

The handle is to be attached next. In some instances, some models may require screws, but in others, you can use your hands.

For manual connection, get a good grip and push the handle firmly in place.  When this is done, check the power mechanism to ensure you have control of the machine.

Lay it on the Line

Last, but not least, connect the string. Instructions for attaching the line will depend on the type of machine you purchase.  Most weed eaters have a spool at the head where the string is wound into place.

Your manual will tell you which line is best suited for your weed eater. Some models use long lengths of string, while other may need shorter strings or pre-loaded spools of string.

First, open the cap of the weed eater and check the spool.

Depending on your particular model, you may have to press the release latch on each side to remove it. In other models, you may need to pull the top button to release it.

Next, select the length of string according to the manual. Major models require lengths ranging between 16 to 26 feet.

Insert the end of string into the hole and wind the length of string on to the spool in the specified direction.

Feed the tip of the string into the outlet hole.

If you re using a pre-cut string, guide the line into the two guide slots and draw them through the exit holes.

Pull the line tightly and make sure the extended ends are evenly matched on both sides. Allow at least 5 extra inches. Secure the line into the notch provided.

Insert the spool back into its slot and secure it firmly back into position.

For double-sided spools, cut 2 pieces of string and insert them into the two holes. Gradually wrap the strings evenly as you go. Uneven lines will cause the string to jam when the machine is in motion.

Thread the line into the two holes in the hub. Insert the ends of each line through the holes and rotate the screw until the line is completely wrapped.

Cut off the ends of each line after wrapping the strings. Some weed eaters come with small grooves to help tie the string in place.