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Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews



Raking and collecting autumn leaves can be a tiresome chore. Why not consider buying a lawn sweeper? It definitely makes the job a lot easier. Lawn sweepers are not only useful in autumn, they can be used all year round for cleaning and collecting debris from your lawn. When purchasing a lawn sweeper, there are a few things you need to consider.

First is the width of the sweeper, the wider it is the more efficient it will be. The other thing to consider is the hitch, which connects the sweeper to your lawn tractor, and you must choose a model that allows you to make height adjustments. What size lawn sweeper you choose will depend on the size of your lawn. A lawn sweeper is a great investment which will make the job of raking leaves a lot easier.

How to choose the Best Lawn Sweeper

What are Lawn Sweepers?

​Lawn sweepers are mostly used in autumn and spring when leaves and other debris blow onto your lawn. They can do a lot more than just pick up leaves. You can use them to collect lawn clipping after mowing or as a general lawn grooming tool. Some can even be adapted to de-thatch and also mow and clean at the same time.

Types of Lawn Sweepers

​Lawn sweepers come in three different types, power sweepers, push sweepers and tow-behind sweepers. Most lawn sweepers come with a hopper which collects the debris and is easy to empty out for discarding.

Power Sweepers

​The power sweepers, which are also called grass sweepers, can either be gas or electric powered. These are especially useful if you have a large lawn as they are self-propelled and don’t need much effort to push. These sweepers can include a shredding device which will reduce the amount of debris by half. The brushes, which are motorized can pick up larger amounts of leaves. They are however heavy and can be a bit noisy.

Push sweepers

​This type of lawn sweeper is the most common and requires that you push them while walking across the lawn. This is the simplest of all lawn sweepers and the brushes sweep the leaves into a hopper, which is then emptied out. When it comes to push sweepers, it is best to choose a good quality one that will not require going over the lawn more than once. Push sweepers require minimal maintenance.

Tow-behind lawn sweepers

​Tow behind lawn sweepers require some sort of vehicle to pull them and they are obviously not suitable for small yards. These sweepers come with adjustable hitches so that you can attach them to a lawn tractor or other vehicle. They are wider than push sweepers and can sweep and catch a lot more debris with one pass. The hoppers on the tow behind lawn sweepers are also larger, and can be emptied out easily. This type of lawn sweeper is recommended for large lawns.

How Does a Lawn Sweeper Work?

​Leaves that have fallen onto your lawn and left there for a long period of time can actually damage your lawn. It is essential that you sweep and remove the debris regularly and a lawn sweeper will be a great help when doing this. Lawn sweepers are basically a rotating shaft that has brushes which sweep your lawn as they pass over. The debris is lifted and thrown into the sweeper’s hopper which then needs to be emptied out.

Sweeper Attachments

​Some lawn sweepers come with attachments that you can use for plowing, raking hauling and spreading. The attachment for spreading is extremely useful when you want to add fertilizer to your lawn. Some even mow the lawn and sweep at the same time.

Lawn Sweeper Tips

​Before using your lawn sweeper, make sure that the lawn and the sweeper are dry. This will make it easier for the sweeper to collect the debris. Use your sweeper often and don’t let the mess of leaves get out of control. If you are using a powered sweeper avoid using it at high speed, especially on uneven ground.


​To keep your lawn sweeper in good shape, empty out the hopper frequently so that it does not overfill while in use. Once you have finished the job empty out the hopper completely and hose it down. Leaving damp leaves in the hopper for a long period of time will result in mold and mildew formation.

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